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Since 2008 Pluto Radio has been programming and broadcasting radio worldwide for fans with an appetite for alternative, non-conforming music.  Playing the "music that deserves to be heard" Pluto Radio is produced by musicians, for musicians. 

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~music for every unconventional one of us!

No big flashy bullshit on the open page - just a player loaded with amazing non-conforming vibe!

BROADCASTLE, a one hour music radio show, is the latest in our programing installments.  Jørg from Germany, an amazing musician himself, brings his "soul saving sonic" rock and roll adventure to planet Earth..  Fantastic story telling, unique perspective, and great music is what this show has to offer our listeners - proving, once again - radio by musicians for musicians.

Multi instrumentalist and music producer Floyd MacIntire is a welcome part of the broadcast team here at the station.  Floyd generates his own vibrant cross-over hip-hop/rock music tracks fully loaded with lively, clever, lyricism that moves the groove.  Along with providing us with his hour long radio show, he also occasionally lends his skills to episodes of the somewhat irreverent ongoing station - Lost Patrol Series. 

Lee Crisman - self described alien killer - founded Pluto Radio in the early days of internet radio.  Back in the early 2000s Lee was working his fugitive conspiracy radio show out of Roswell for a good may years and took note of the international corporate control of media which was subjugating the hearts and minds of all free thinking people.  He created the commercial free Pluto Radio station "for those on the planet who wished to remain outside of the amalgamated throng - playing music that deserves to be heard!"

There are and have always been amazing hosts with us here at   Most who host with us are musicians themselves - hence the idea that we are "Radio by musicians for musicians"" - regardless, all who host have a near holy love for music and enjoy helping build the Pluto radio family here at the station.  If you click the green button to the lower right you will see a short list of those who are plugged into the vibe...

The commercial free Pluto Radio stream currently accepts music submissions at  We recommend you send us downloadable links with whatever permissions we would need to access and use your material on

Contact the station text or call ‪(505) 585-2005‬

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