John Reneaud Music   (a.k.a. the Dresden Cowboy) cosmic American music!

The Electric Shamans Electric Blues, zenAltRock vibe, along w/ classics from the garage.

We are working on finalizing the Dresden Cowboy's second album titled Detroit Strange : also working with my current band The Electric Shamans on new material and performance dates.

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Detroit Strange

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John is currently finalizing his second Dresden Cowboy Album titled Detroit Strange - featuring the music of Cody Melville, Kurt McDonald, Julien Reneaud, and, John Reneaud.  Also a variety of producers have lent their talents to this album: the amazing team of Michael Madill and Edward Donnelly. Cody Melville, Kurt McDonald, along with Julien and John Reneaud.  We expect to release this Album in early January 2020.

About The Music

John Reneaud + electric shamans

Coming next :  the music video Blue Light.

The catalogue of the Dresden Cowboy started off with Michael Madill and John Reneaud collaborating on Route 66.  John sent a rough arrangement, with a scratch vocal track to Michael, who enlisted the assistance of his long time producing partner Edward Donnelly, and in no time they sent over a mix of the song.  Happy with the mix, which included the rough vocal track, John and his young son, Julien, set off for a drive on what remains of that classic American Highway in the great American desert - from Oatman to L.A.,.  After a bit of time John and Julien had the video cut and posted.

The original idea as presented to Madill was to work original and classic songs by creating unique and fresh arrangements and "Just kind'a doing them the way we want to."  Also, John had the plan to create enough material to play out in a band.

After Route 66 John approached Cody Melville - a rather prolific songwriter from his hometown of Troy, Michigan - to produce for him as well.  And so the Dresden Cowboy performed on several Cody Melville songs bringing them a different vibe, with Mr. Melville re-arranging and producing.  


John also included one of his longtime acting buddies, Jason Peirce, into the fray by gaining permission to record some of Jason's original songs and adding them into the Dresden Cowboy catalogue of music.

Keeping it in the family - John's son Julien helps engineer and produce some of the songs as well.

The list of people who involve their talent with this catalogue continues to grow... 


The original concept was simply John Reneaud and Friends, and, whatever they could create with an honest effort.  The current video catalogue can be enjoyed at the Dresden Cowboy's Music Videos, and we are currently pulling all other information, along with soon-to-be merchandise to this page, so please bare with us, and, of course check back.  We expect our musical Dresden Cowboy family to grow. 

DresdenCowboy,com is being changed over to John Reneaud music.  The branding of the band will be changing as well.  As always, we will keep you posted.


Thank you all for your support!

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If you would like to book 

John Reneaud + Band/Electric Shamans

contact: #442-222-1507

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current band line-up

(We are in the process of new branding for the band and

you will see some remaining members, as well as some new amazing performers!  We will update as news becomes available.)

 • Kurt McDonald (lead guitar/guitar)

 • Dominic Martinez (bass)

 • Andrew Orozco (drums)

 • John Reneaud a.k.a. the Dresden Cowboy (vocals)


Members of the band

archive of current, former, and honorary players.

 • Kurt MacDonald (guitar) 2019 - present 

 • Dominic Martinez (bass guitar) 2019 - present

 • Andrew Orozco (drums) 2019 - present

 • Jørg Klein (guest guitar, bass, drums) 2020 - present

 • Michael Madill (various instruments, producer) 2016-present

 • Edward Donnelly (various Instruments, producer) 2016-present

 • Cody Melville (various instruments, producer, songwriter) 2017-present

 • John Reneaud a.k.a. the Dresden Cowboy (vocals, producer, songwriter) 2015-present

 • Julien Reneaud (various instruments, producer) 2017-present

 • Jason Peirce (songwriter) 2016-present

 • Moan Red (electric, lead guitar) 2018-2019

 • Anthony Bernal (acoustic, electric guitar) 2019

 David Grossman (songwriter) 2019

 • Jesse Goddard (vocals on 16 Flowers) 2020

 • Stephane Barone (vocals on Route 66) 2016

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