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Along side the commercial free Pluto Radio stream Lee Crisman broadcasts a conspiracy driven radio station, which landed on the internet some fifteen years ago...  Lost in the great American desert (as the story goes), followed, harassed by the dark, hidden, government, from the back of a tiny bookstore in Roswell, New Mexico, Lee told his personal story online weekly.  Distancing himself, Lee made his way to the Californian Mojave Desert where he continued to broadcast his obscured, cryptic, experiences with the dark forces of alien control.  According to Lee, the government repeatedly shut down his broadcast and, he believes, that the corporate 3 world elites are hybrids who are farming all humans for a malicious intent.  By today's standard, perhaps, Lee's insight into the ongoing control/conspiracy pales in consideration with the way things are going, but, twenty, or, so years ago, Mr. Crisman was at the forefront with a missed wake up call.


( . Somehow ended up with the entirety of the Crisman catalogue and continue to broadcast his installments to a select membership.  This stream is not open to the public.

broadcasting for the benefit of musical artistry

Since 2008 - "playing the music that deserves to be heard!"  Eccentric radio personality, and, self-touted alien killer, Lee Crisman has been presenting diverse other-worldly rock music to the world public for over a decade hear on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.  It is a radio station run by musicians for musicians minus all the amalgamated, sheep herd, collectivist hit driven bullshit that has basically ruined everything related to free expression.

Click any of the Pluto Radio icons to hear this stream. Or, go to the menu Radio section and navigate to the Pluto Radio stream.  Lee thanks you for your patronage!

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Fred thye Green Alien is basically the L
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Pluto Radio.jpg commercial free alternative...

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