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TheCEF  is a a boutique entertainment company that develops, produces, and, promotes music and radio, as well as digital film. The company has broadcast the commercial free Pluto Radio stream for the past ten years, as well as a niche market exclusive membership driven conspiracy radio stream for over twelve years. In January 2018 we released an Americana music album titled Ain't No Angel by the Dresden Cowboy. 


The interest of the company is in the creation of sincere, non-conforming, entertainment.

We are currently involved in further development of the Dresden Cowboy live shows and online branding.  We have an upcoming Vblog installment - the Mobile Radio Carnival - with abstract visual artist Leigh DeVeries.  We are in development on a television show, a Drama, which tells the nasty side of exploitation of young girls.  Our new talent program (information not yet posted on this site) is in production on a short film titled the call with our current film director candidate Laurence Moore.  And we also will be re-tuning our Pluto Radio franchise adding in a EDM stream to the mix sometime in the next couple months.

Amy inquiries and/or insights you can call or text 442-222-1507 and leave your message.

Thank you for visiting our website.  ( - John Reneaud //•009C

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