Pluto Radio is produced by musicians, for musicians. 

Unsung, hosted by Lee Crisman, guest hosted by many...  "Playing the music that deserves to be heard." - was the original battle cry of the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.  Dedicated to playing music from the unknown regions of the galaxy, in variety, a sort of free form 24/7 radio station of the people, for the people of the planet.

Specialty shows include the prolific Thomas Trapp of Poolside Plano fame.  Straight Up, a straight up hour featuring the music of one band or musician.  Along with Crisman's Shouts From the Cave, presenting interviews from bands or musicians featured on the stream.

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Pluto Radio no longer publishes the names of the artists/musicians that we play on the commercial free stream.  Our light staff and low run and gun approach to providing ground up radio programing indicated to us resources could be better spent.  We present a classic form of radio... Just listen to the show and the disk jock will keep you informed.

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MUSIC DIRECTOR - Thomas Trapp, Lee Crisman

PRODUCTION - Various Guesting Producers

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