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Actor - Thespian - Empath - Well Cooked

don't bump into the furniture kind'a guy...

John Reneaud

Okay, so we've added a couple items which should indicate to you that John can learn your dialogue and perform a thing or two...  The Norman Bates bit is somewhat of a trailer for a bigger story, the Comedy/Drama reel demonstrates some range, and, the New Way to Cry music video displays a nice tongue and cheek acting performance, along with a grand bit of natural humor as an out take upon the song's conclusion.  If you would like him to consider working on your project you can contact him directly.

call or text 442-222-1507


The movie, Agency Incorporated, has recently been added to Amazon Prime.  It stars John Reneaud.

Your ticket to watch for free

just click movie poster

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John is currently working on a show about camping.

John is currently in development on a show about camping.

John was born and raised in Troy, Michigan, just north of Detroit. He excelled at baseball and football, and sometimes at getting to know the girls, not actually a full blown jock, yet, comfortable in that realm of competition. He also excelled at knowing people. He kind'a sucked at school, due to an inability to focus on the so-called important things, but, as already mentioned, he was really good at knowing people. He and his good friend Anita use to buy cheap white wine, burn a bit of weed, and, show up at parties together to entertain others and such. They'd sing songs and silly stuff like that. Eventually, after meandering relentlessly for several years after High School (and after reading a ton of Spanish and Greek plays), John took up with and acting academy in the Detroit area - he'd stumbled through a career in radio, then, played out in rock, and, new wave bands, then, made his way to that "acting thing". Experimenting with the acting, John ended up performing in many realms, black box, children's theater, dinner theater, independent film, ect... Eventually, he made his way to Hollywood where he continues to work at the craft of acting and entertaining. He has directed, and done other stuff too. He likes to think that he is an uncommon genius best understood by common types. He, mostly, loves the planet and would possibly like to be famous.

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