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Pluto  Groove

broadcasting for the benefit of musical artistry via the planet!

Since 2008 Pluto Radio has been programming and broadcasting radio worldwide for fans with an appetite for alternative, non-conforming music.  Playing the "music that deserves to be heard" Pluto Radio is produced by musicians, for musicians. 

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  "music for every unconventional one of us!"

No big flashy bullshit on the open page - just a player loaded with amazing non-conforming vibe!

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TOMORROWMAN has joined us here on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream. He will be hosting his own show Tomorrowman on Pluto Radio featuring music from the LA music scene, and more... Check in with the stream for Tomorrowman here @

Thomas Trapp has been with Pluto Radio since the beginning.  His program POOLSIDE PLANO is a brilliant showpiece, also, his work is the foundation to what we do here at the station.  We have always been about presenting music for the UNSUNG musician/band, and, with a lively sense of humor along with his relevant humanistic view of the power of music, Mr. Trapp has helped us develop our international presence as a free-form, independent musical outlet for the voice of Everyman and/or Everywoman deserving to be heard..  He is well worth the listen - we are grateful for his work here at!

Tom Trapp Poolside Plano Pluto
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John Reneaud - self proclaimed "Entertainer, Exploiter of Imagination, Truth Bender, Misfit, Sometime Superhero, Video Producer, Radio Voice, Bard, Singer, Actor, and mostly Knucklehead."  He is the driving force of this station,, along wi;  He believes in "keeping it human" and lives to better the lives of people he comes in connection with a sort of "save the soul save the planet" mentality and believes that we are bor

The commercial free Pluto Radio stream currently accepts music submissions at  We recommend you send us downloadable links with whatever permissions we would need to access and use your material on

Contact the station text or call 442-222-1507

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