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January 3, 2019

People tend to think of theCEF as a content company.  And, yes, that's brilliant, since, in fact, we do develop and produce content - video, digital film, radio, as well as music along with an assortment of other forms of digital entertainment.  We have been broadcasting the commercial free Pluto Radio stream since 2009, we also played a part in presenting the lost story of conspiracy radio host Lee Crisman and have assisted in creating a documentary about his dark plight with the US government (along with providing support, back in the day, for his defunct internet radio network).  The company absorbed all rights to project/properties shot by the Icon Johnny Company upon its legal dissolution, and several of those involved with that company have recently made their way here to theCEF - along with distribution rights to the feature length satire shot by that company in the early 2000's titled Wearing Hitler's Pants.

We are currently involved in a fun, new, radio broadcast titled, the Mobile Radio Carnival, hosted by John Reneaud.  We are also in development with a down and dirty film about living on Skid Row.


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