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Michael Celenza's interview with John on Pluto Radio

TMRC 0045 Michael Celenza, fantastic drummer and live performer, Los Angeles based jazz musician. Michael and I talk about his life as a band teacher at Loyola, playing Los Angeles jazz clubs, heavy metal's degree of difficulty, the Baked Potato, charting music, guitarist Rob Garland, modal jazz chords, early impressions of music, among other topics.

This show is sponsored and supported by Pluto Radio, alt/rock from the far reaches of the galaxy. and is produced by the Cosmic Egg Farm @ (You can also discover John Reneaud's music at All Rights Reserved. Also supportive of this show is MX-Pro Records @

This show will play on Pluto Radio November 6 at 8pm German time + 8pm Detroit time + 8pm Los Angeles time. It will post onto the Mobile Radio Carnival site November 6th 2pm.

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