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Matt O'Hare interviews with the Mobile Radio Carnival

TMRC 0047 Matt O'Hare, actor, producer, book publisher, and good guy on the planet talks with John about some collective experiences, also, about publishing his father's book, acting showcases in Hollywood, Cinema Center Films, brilliant actor/comedian Eric Black, Steve McQueen's wife, Wearing Hitler's Pants, Mark Taper Casting Director Stanley Soble, The Casting Break, Rant (or, How Sane is the Local Psychiatrist???), Larry Pennell aka Dash Riprock, and, about eating burnt chicken at the Tujunga Avenue patio.

This show is sponsored and supported by Pluto Radio, alt/rock from the far reaches of the galaxy. and is produced by the Cosmic Egg Farm @ (You can also discover John Reneaud's music at All Rights Reserved. Also supportive of this show is MX-Pro Records @

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