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Listener Requested Replay: Nancy Deedrick Interview

Pluto Radio Listeners of John Reneaud's Monday show Requested a Replay of the Lee Crisman interview with 60's Sunset Strip stripper Nancey Deedrick. Ms. Deedrick's throwback website is titled THE GREAT HOLLYWOOD HANGOVER ( Nancy shares stories of what it was like living on the Strip in the mid to late sixties and early seventies. The Whiskey Go Go, The Roxy, The London Fog, The Classic Cat, The Body Shop... Lee also includes an audio recording of Nancy and some friends getting tossed out of a motel for playing their guitars too loud - perhaps most notable, Mr. Joe Cocker. She also shares stories hanging out with notable rockers of the time, namely Leon Russell and Jim Morrison. JOHN'S SHOW transmits Monday, September 25th on the Pluto 8's = 8pm German time + 8pm Detroit time + 8pm Los Angeles time. Enjoy.

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