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Drinking With Walter

Updated: May 4

John sings the Ray Charles classic - Unchain My Heart featuring the progressive jazz outfit, Catatonic. Posted to John Reneaud Music today.

This song is from my Drinking With Walter collection, which, began some time ago with my buddy Walter dragging me around town singing at karaoke bars, or sitting in with bands on open mic nights. Turns out this one - the Ray Charles classic, UNCHAIN MY HEART - was recorded with some of LA's finest - the progressive jazz outfit Catatonic worked the session on this one. Rob Garland on guitar, Ben Armentano on Keys, Chris Haller on bass, and, Michael Celenza on drums. Arrangement by Ben Armentano. Also Meghan Olson worked the backup vocals. It was recorded at the Barber's Basement Recording Studio in L.A.,. It's got a cool rock, jazz groove, and with fantastic performances from the band... it's a delight to add this song into my music channel. Thanks for listening.

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