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Currently we are accepting a limited number of members to to become the sort of beta test pilot (or test astronaut) for this peculiar visit to the distant dwarf planet.  Obviously, you will be helping support the station, however, choosing a membership entitles Pluto Radio listeners/supporters to upcoming discounted Pluto merchandise, exclusive access to new uploads of Pluto Radio video, as well as many Lee Crisman Radio mixes from the lost Crisman conspiracy vault, and it will also include, insights from Jørg, and other station personalities to be included in weekly uploads for members only access.

To begin with we will accept only 30 candidates with a $50 annual payment.  This initial membership of original Pluto 30 includes a free black Pluto club member polo w/ red and white stitched logo or a cap (depending on size limits).  The original Pluto 30 will also be privy to the member chat board to express ways we might grow our membership.  

So, let me understand... for fifty bucks I get a membership along with a great Pluto Radio polo shirt, or, hat, and the money goes to paying station costs and developing better tools for transmission (like, perhaps a phone app, or shooting shows, and interviews)? 

And I get to be included just because I love listening and supporting Pluto Radio at  Wow, where do I sign up?

The only downside: due to the nature of varying costs throughout the world the cost of shipping outside the United States makes free goodies  not possible.  The cost of shipping items will have to be paid by the individual member.  So sorry about that, but, we'll look to make that up in some other way.

Choose your pricing plan

  • the Plutonian

    Valid for one year
  • monthly Plutonian

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
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