Music + Artists = Dresden Cowboy (in process of re-branding)

  • • • nouveau Americana via John Reneaud and friends

The catalog of the Dresden Cowboy is a joyful musical romp of alternative rock/retro Americana performed by John Reneaud and friends.

Music + Artists = Marty & Elayne

  • • • Standards and Jazz from this mystifying musical duo

Music + Artists = Drinking with Walter

  • • • songs from the great American songbook sort' a ...

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Dresden Cowboy Album

10 song Americana album via The Dresden Cowboy. This album includes original songs by John Reneaud, Jason Peirce, and Cody Melville, along with several classics infused with new vibe. Also noteworthy is the the production work of Madill/Donnelly. Julien Reneaud also produced several tracks.

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