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... broadcasting Pluto Radio for over 12 Earth years now, and still on a lovely eccentric path around the universe.  Radio for the non-conforming bastards throughout. 

Electrify Me officially posted via Jørg / Reneaud ..  Great vibe part of Pluto Radio's free range music series...

Jørg Klein & John Reneaud have compiled a groovy psychedelic rock tune tiled Electrify Me.  The official music video can be seen on Youtube as well as Dailymotion. Next up : Blue LIght, an exotic grove mix turned song by the Electric Shaman himself.  Expected release date ; fall 2020.

"Thunder above rain falling down all around makes me wonder why, as I reach up fall down, get back on my knees reach for the sunshine only to get misery...  I'd rather shine... Electrify Me ..." - music and lyrics by Jørg/John.

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